Wedding & Event Planning Tips – You need an Event Consultant

Wedding & Event Planning Tips

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By Linda Solomon, Travel * Wedding & Event Consultant

So you are thinking of planning that special event, or perhaps you are getting married and need to begin your planning process.  Where do you start?

If you are the guy the first thing you begin to consider is “how much it’s going to cost?”  Hmm I think that’s in the gene of every guy I have spoken with… how much?

If you are the lady in the event, your first thought might be “I just want it to be pretty.”

So how do we reconcile cost concerns and making the event or wedding pretty?  How can you realistically project the cost or be able to establish a budget until you know what you want to do with your event?

With the above in mind I want to share a few tips on planning: I call them the WHAT, WHY and RESULT or IMAGE of an event.

First think about WHAT kind of event you would like to do. It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be a reunion, networking, sports related; beach event, retreat etc. or it could be you need to plan your wedding. Write it down!

WHY you would like to do that particular event. What is your purpose? It could be a fundraiser, a just for fun event, you are getting married, a business promotion event, there could be any number of reasons for your doing an event.

Think about your vision or the RESULT/IMAGE of your wedding or other special event. Close your eyes, that’s right…, close your eyes, dream freely, and imagine yourself at your event. Envision the final product and what you want to accomplish. Write it down!

With your outline in hand, you are ready to start shopping for an event planner to work with you.

Look for a planner that will provide a complimentary initial consultation, take your outline with you and share that with the planner.   Remember this is only a preliminary consultation to establish if there is a good fit. Are you comfortable at that initial meeting with the planner… and is the planner comfortable with you?  At or soon after that meeting, you will be in a better position to decide if you would like to request a formal proposal or quote for that planner to manage your event.

Based on what you have submitted, the professional planner will be able to provide you with a written proposal regarding your event as well as the cost. The planner will also review that proposal with you to make sure all the details are covered as well as to answer questions you may have. At the conclusion of this process you will have a pretty clear idea of the quality and image of your event- what your event should look and feel like and how much it may cost you. Your wedding or event is special to you and should be given the professional attention it deserves.

Linda Solomon is a Travel, Wedding and Event Consultant with Traditional Elegance. She may be contacted by visiting www.TraditionalElegance.ORG