Upcoming Travel Destinations

We believe travelling is one of the most fascinating and enjoyable experiences and we are inviting you to come along with Us! There is such a wealth of things to see and do. People to meet places to see and learn about – cultures to appreciate and experience, see history coming alive while being given the opportunity to understand the present.

Our ShipJune 11 to June 16th, 2018 we are sailing the Caribbean to Jamaica and Grand Cayman. These are two jewels of the Caribbean.

Jamaica is home to the pulsating sounds of Reggae Music and the native land of the late Bob Marley!  It is also the birth place of Jerk seasoning for those mouth watering pieces of Jerk Chicken and all things Jerk!


Our ship will dock in Ocho Rios meaning eight (8) rivers) where we plan to climb the amazing Dunn’s River Falls, and perhaps zipline through the forest or experience the thrill of a bob-sled ride through the lush Mystic Mountain ParkThe Base of Dunn's River Falls

Here the rhythm is laid back, no hurry mon! Just take it easy.  A little shopping for some island treasures and a sip of rum punch will make this quick stop complete.  For more extensive trips to this Island we offer Air/Land Vacations with our preferred resorts all inclusive packages.  So come join us for a taste of the island or let us help you plan a longer visit. If you are missing this trip, no worries, we are heading back during the Christmas season too! Take a look right here

GRAND CAYMANGrand Cayman another jewel of the Caribbean is the perfect place for snorkelers with it’s crystal clear water. It’s also the place to visit the amazing stingray city where guests have the opportunity to pet and kiss the sting rays. Huh!! Kissing the stingray? Yes! They are used to it too. There is also the yummy rum cake  point where the delish rum cakes are found.  For the adventurous, Jet Skiing is quite the exhilarating must do ride.

CRYSTAL CAVEAnd if you like the underground, the beautiful Crystal Caves is another must see.  That’s all for now! we’d love to have you along for the ride.  Can’t make it in June?  Then consider joining us in December from the 15th through the 22nd, for 7 fantastic nights to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel and Nassau Bahamas a perfect Christmas gift to yourself.  Check it out. Then call us to help you plan that perfect trip 478-973-1762